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Can science explain everything—even life’s most fundamental questions?

Steve Yount, a senior fellow with the Denison Forum, is a former newspaper editor and public-relations executive working with Christian ministries.


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John C. Lennox is an Oxford mathematician and a Christian, so he brings an interesting perspective to his book, Can Science Explain Everything?

Lennox, who has debated atheists such as Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins, answers such vexing questions as:

  • Do science and God mix?
  • Is science the only way to truth?
  • Should we take the Bible literally?
  • Does science contradict the Bible on the age of the universe?
  • And what is the evidence for the resurrection?

In reality, the Bible and science should complement each other. Lennox writes, “It was Galileo who said that the Bible teaches us ‘how to go to heaven and not how the heavens go.’ That is largely true.”

But Lennox also notes that rational thinking, the kind associated with science, is found throughout the Bible. He cites Daniel, who was being held captive in Babylon, asking to be given vegetables to eat for ten days as an example of an experiment.

With interesting observations such as these Can Science Explain Everything? will help you grapple with some of life’s most fundamental questions.