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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

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US religion worth $1.2 trillion

Credit: Mel Evans via AP

NY bombing: Up to 5 now in custody

Credit: Nicolaus Czarnecki via AP

Terrorist is ‘a guy you would never expect’

Why the Jolie–Pitt divorce? 3 surprising factors

Credit: Uli Deck via AP

Sistine Chapel frescoes are coming to Dallas

Credit: DPark Photography

Broken engagement creates Disney princess

Credit: Mary Altaffer, Chuck Burton via AP

A surprising fact about tonight’s debate

Credit: David Goldman via AP

What would God say about last night’s debate?

Andrew Matthews via AP

Transgender man gives birth to child

Credit: santypan via Fotolia

Are ‘customized babies’ our future?

Laurie Gouley via Pexels

‘Black Moon’ Friday: Has the apocalypse begun?

Credit: AP

Kim Kardashian robbed at gunpoint in Paris

via Pexels

Man accidentally marries his granddaughter

Wikimedia Commons

Eight-year-old accepted to university thanks to viral video

Ramon Espinosa via AP

Hurricane Matthew and the moral storms of our day


‘This storm will kill you’

Credit: Saul Loeb via AP

The presidential debate and hope for the future

Credit: Michael R Perry via Flickr

Why has California been spared the ‘big one’?

Sipa via AP Images

‘National Coming Out Day’—4 ways to respond

Credit: Rick Scuteri via AP

What America doesn’t understand about Tim Tebow

AP Photo/Chris Pizzello

Why Bob Dylan is a Nobel prize-winning prophet

Credit: Pexels

How should churches deal with gay members? 4 facts

Meteor strikes Earth

Do you wish a giant meteor would destroy the Earth?

Credit: Mark Ralston via Ap

How Christians should respond to the presidential debate

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