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Sunday, December 10, 2023

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Hitler’s Lies: Responding to Nazism Today

When God’s plan is hard to trust

North Korea has a deployable nuke

The line between pride and confidence

Kicker loses scholarship because of YouTube

Alzheimer’s and the value of a correct diagnosis

When to attend a wedding

A glimpse into our future?

Timothy: the Spider-Man of Scripture

When it’s better to brag

How God sees homosexuals (and how we should as well)

Why 47% of younger evangelicals support gay marriage

Trump broke a promise. Good for him

How power hurts your brain

Why more college grads (and Christians) don’t know how to think

Going to church leads to longer life

Why Wonder Woman is the hero we need

LeBron James and the answer to racism

Feeling down? Probably not enough dirt in your life

How to honor the dead this Memorial Day

Americans finally agree on something

What is the Western Wall? Why does it matter?

Our word is our witness

Why poor communication leads to new jobs

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