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Friday, June 14, 2024

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Tooth fairy and Easter Bunny are ‘essential workers’ in New Zealand: Sharing your ‘home’ in Christ

The ‘real heroes’ of the pandemic: God will use anyone who will be used

Man with one lung donates land: The multiplying power of kindness

Four ‘micronations’ you probably haven’t visited: The peril of autonomy and the power of humility

Abandoned ‘ghost ship’ washes up onshore: ‘God loves each of us as if there were only one of us’

Israeli company creates water from air, gives machine to Palestinians: Being a conduit rather than a container of blessing

Vacationing in a glass igloo: Spectacular vacations and an even more amazing final destination

The ‘five most romantic towns in the world’: The cost and joy of fulfilling our call

Billionaire tries to use his superyacht to smuggle a Picasso: The hidden cost of ‘secret’ sin

Jack Ma, China’s wealthiest man, donates $14.4 million for coronavirus vaccine: The power of resourced influence

Bystander foiled plot to steal Magna Carta: The power of passion

Chinese gangs are using drones to spread African swine fever: The creativity of sin and power of redemption

Pray for Prince George to marry a man? Two thoughts

ISIS attacks Christians: Where was Christ?

The Conflict in Syria: Causes and Biblical Responses

Syrian government secretly executed 13,000 prisoners

An answer to the refugee crisis from an unlikely source

Israel and the Two-State Solution

Who are the Copts? Why are they being attacked?

North Korean concentration camps may be expanding

Credit: Ben Cawthra via AP

Who is Theresa May?

Credit: Dan Kitwood via AP

The Chilcot Report: Lessons from the past

Radical Islam: What You Need to Know

French far-right leader Marine Le Pen speaks during a press conference at the National Front party headquarters in Nanterre, outside Paris, Friday, June 24, 2016. Le Pen says pro-independence movements in the European Parliament will meet soon to plan their next move after the British vote to leave the European Union. Poster behind reads: Brexit. And now, France.

Brexit and Globalization

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