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Monday, June 17, 2024

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Church Leadership

Pocket prayers for global affairs: “He Gets Us” and how to help Ukraine

Our calling to practice abundant hospitality

Does God truly work for the good of those who love him?

It’s worthwhile

From overwhelmed to overflowing: The life Christ offers

“We are brothers”: The pain and hope that connect Cain and Abel to the war in Ukraine

Volodymyr vs. Vladimir: Two questions we’re asking

The problem of grandiosity

A long, joyful obedience

Living the Great Commandments

Creating your character

Ministry fog

Calm, confident, childlike

Worship: Invitation and imperative

Never give up

Do we stand out?

Sleep and fun!

“Off the hook”

Unity = Creativity

What is truth?

What to do when church members question elections

Anchor points

Coming down the mountain, again

A psalm that defines our present and glimpses our future

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