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Monday, June 17, 2024

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Sonogram photo of baby in utero By Alfons Photographer/

The sanctity of life from conception to natural death

The power of Christ to change the culture

The power of Christ to change the culture

Clasped hands in prayer on top of an American flag. By 4Max/

The necessity of personal faith in Christ

Live by biblical truth and authority

A Bible lays open in front of a sunrise. By Sergio Yoneda/

Why we should live by biblical truth and authority

A pathway for becoming culture-changing Christians

A man clutches a Bible in front him, its spine out featuring the words HOLY BIBLE. By Pcess609/

How to become a culture-changing Christian

If “Easter” isn’t in the Bible, why do we celebrate it?

A young woman appears anxious and curled up while sitting in a chair and looking out of a window. By fizkes/

Does the Bible say being anxious is bad?

How to be Christian in an anti-Christian culture

What does it mean to be accountable to God?

How political should Christians be? Preston Sprinkle discusses his new book, “Exiles”

Toni Collier guest on The Denison Forum Podcast

A different kind of strength: Toni Collier on women’s Unshakable Moxie

When politics get extreme, what should Christians do? A conversation with Tim Alberta

A lab scientist in a facemask holds up a vial containing frozen embryo samples. By Svitlana/

When does life begin? Frozen embryos, IVF, and the sanctity of life

“A Great Calm,” why Christians observe Lent, and the role of women in ministry: Insights from Janet Denison

Three excited football fans sit on a couch while three more cheer behind them, a picture of a typical Super Bowl Sunday viewing party. By

How you can win Super Bowl Sunday long after Sunday

Aaron Pierce Not Beyond Reach Podcast Interview

Is Gen Z beyond the reach of the church? A conversation with Aaron Pierce

Stock photo. Twin blonde women sit in front of a couch. One holds a green apple while jealously eyeing her sister, who's eating a hamburger, illustrating the theme of the Netflix series "You Are What You Eat." By gpointstudio/

New Netflix series “You Are What You Eat” reveals more than a new health trend

Why we observe Black History Month: Tyrone Johnson discusses biblical equality

Confronting the past: Why International Holocaust Remembrance Day matters

The entrance to the Yad Vashem Children's Memorial in Jerusalem shows pillars in the background and a walkway into an underground memorial. Israelis prefer the term "Shoah" over Holocaust. dudlajzov/

Why the “Holocaust” was not a holocaust: A reflection on the gravest crime in human history

Why we must choose life

On the ground in Israel: An Israeli’s perspective on the war

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