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Brett Favre on Peyton Manning breaking his TD record

Peyton Manning, Indianpolis Colts quarterback meets with Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre following a 45-31 Colts win over the Packers at the RCA Dome in Indianpolis, September 26, 2004 (Credit: AP/Michael Conroy) Peyton Manning has thrown 503 touchdown passes in his career, 12 of them over four games this season.  At that pace, he will throw six more over the next two games.  When he does, he will surpass Brett Favre's 508 career TD passes, a record once thought unbreakable.

How does Favre feel about losing his record to Manning?

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What makes Derek Jeter so special?

New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter (2) is congratulated by right fielder Ichiro Suzuki (31) after being replaced by a pinch runner during the third inning at Fenway Park on September 28, 2014, Boston, MA, USA (Credit: USA TODAY Sports/Greg M. Cooper) Garin Cecchini was a year old when the New York Yankees drafted Derek Jeter in 1992.  Cecchini played shortstop as a kid, and Jeter was his favorite player.  He is now a rookie playing for the Boston Red Sox and wears No. 70, the number assigned to Jeter by the Yankees in spring training the year before he made the majors.

Last weekend, Jeter finished his major league career in Boston.  Each game, he hit an infield single that Cecchini eventually fielded.  The New York Times quoted Ceccini on Jeter: "He's a guy you respect and kind of want to idolize because everyone liked him.  And he was a winner.  He's won a lot of games, won championships.  That's all you want to be recognized as in this sport: a winner."

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What Ron Washington teaches us about sin

Former Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington resigned unexpectedly Sept. 5. (Michael Ainsworth/The Dallas Morning News) "I was not true to my wife after 42 years.  I broke her trust.  I'm here today to own that, the mistake, and to apologize to her and to those I disappointed.  And those who have trusted in me and I let them down."  With these words, the winningest manager in Texas Rangers history explained his sudden resignation on September 5.  Ron Washington's press conference this afternoon gave no further details regarding his moral failure.

In 2006 Washington became manager of one of baseball's least successful clubs, and led his team to two World Series appearances.  He spent 44 years in professional baseball as a player, coach and manager.  Widely regarded one of the most effective motivators in the game, he was beloved by his players and respected throughout the sport.

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