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U.K. Skeptic tweets tough question

A young malnourished baby boy from Haiti named Nelson, sitting outside a home with a pot before he was rescued by Love a Child and Feed My Starving Children (Credit: Feed My Starving Children via Flickr)I sometimes forget how global and yet personal social media can be.  Last week I tweeted the statement, "God shows us how much we need him, dealing with us as gently as he can or as harshly as he must."  A man in Great Britain responded: "Ahhh I see, so he must deal harshly with this little one . . .?"  He attached a picture of a starving child.  I wanted to respond, but knew I would need more than 140 characters.  So here is what I would say to the skeptic in England.

Is God dealing harshly with us?  Does it seem to you that our world is more broken and chaotic than ever before?  Sunday morning we got news of a second Ebola patient in Dallas, the first person actually infected in the U.S.  More than 4,000 have now died from this epidemic.

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Archaeologists discover a beardless Jesus

Spanish archaeologists at the Forum MMX excavation project have found a depiction of Jesus on a green glass paten, which is a plate that holds bread for the Holy Eucharist, that dates back to the 4th century, making it one of the earliest images of the Chrst ever unearthed, in the ancient town of Castulo in southern spain (Credit: FORVM MMX) Spanish archaeologists have found a depiction of Jesus dating to the fourth century, one of the earliest ever discovered.  They unearthed a green glass paten, a plate used to hold bread for the Lord's Supper.  It is inscribed with an image of Jesus with two men, thought to be Peter and Paul.  Surprisingly, none of the three are wearing beards.

When you think of Jesus, what image comes to mind?  If you're like me, you envision flowing brown hair and a full beard.  Why?

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Londoners give up firstborn child for Wi-Fi

A young mother holds her 4-month old son while she tries to work on her laptop at sidewalk cafe (Credit: Ekaterina Pokrovsky via Fotolia) A security company in London recently sponsored an experiment to show how little attention we pay to Internet agreements.  They set up an open Wi-Fi network in a busy public area.  When people connected, they were presented with lengthy conditions and terms.  Included was a "Herod clause" that offered free Wi-Fi in exchange for the company's ownership of the user's firstborn child.

Six Londoners agreed.  Presumably they did not read the terms and conditions, thus illustrating the security firm's point.  Or perhaps they'd had a rough day at home that morning.

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