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FIFA scandal: the beautiful game tarnished

FIFA officials wait in front of the Marriott hotel, where a meeting of the Confederation of African Football (CAF) is taking place ahead of the FIFA congress, in Zurich, Switzerland, May 27, 2015 (Credit: Reuters/Arnd Wiegmann)The beautiful game has been slightly tarnished. On Wednesday, some of the most powerful executives in soccer were arrested in Switzerland in what prosecutors called a generations-long scheme to corrupt the most popular sport in the world. U.S. officials indicted a total of fourteen officials in a 47-count bribery scandal.

The indictment includes charges of fraud, bribery and money laundering, dating back to 1991. It consists of the World Cup bid process and lucrative marketing and television contracts for World Cup qualifying tournaments. The sports marketing executives, middlemen who sell media and marketing deals for FIFA, were accused of paying or agreeing to pay more than $150 million in bribes and kickbacks to FIFA officials to keep contracts. When Brazil hosted in 2014, the World Cup tournament brought in $4 billion dollars.

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What Osama bin Laden’s bookshelf reveals about him

Osama bin Laden, leader of Al Qaeda, is seen posing in front of a bookshelf in an office in Afghanistan, April 1998 (Credit: AP)Oh, the places you will go when you sit down and open a book. To read is to open your mind and engage in an active conversation with the author. Trying to convince you of their particular argument, the author attempts to change some part of you. Aldous Huxley, in his seminal work Brave New World, wrote, "Words can be like X-rays, if you use them properly – they'll go through anything. You read and you're pierced." Words can cut you, and according to Ralph Waldo Emerson, the words of a book will cut you to make you.

This week, the U.S. government released the titles of the books on Osama bin Laden's shelves. The infamous terrorist and late founder of al-Qaeda was a recluse for the latter part of his life, situated in his home in Abbottabad for as long as five years. Without an Internet connection and scant interaction with the outside world, Bin Laden had ample time to mentally explore other places due to physical constriction.

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Nepal: are earthquakes the least of their problems?

A woman injured in an earthquake walks toward a hospital soon after the earthquake in Sankhu, Nepal May 12, 2015 (Credit: Reuters/Navesh Chitrakar)Earthquakes struck again in Nepal on Tuesday, killing more than 40 people and injuring over 1200. Still mourning from last month's devastation, this quaint Himalayan nation suffered a multitude of tremors, starting at midday with a magnitude 7.3 quake. The heart of the quake was just west of the capital city of Katmandu, near the border of China.

"For the first seconds, it was complete silence. By the fifth second, everybody started to scream," said Marc Sarrado, a documentarian from Spain who was in Nepal's Nuwakot Valley, about two hours northwest of Kathmandu. This quake was quickly followed by a series of tremors that rocked the countryside, as well as the buildings that were left remaining from the previous quake.

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