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Why Turkey's election affects you

Prime Minister and presidential candidate Tayyip Erdogan talks with media during presidential elections in Istanbul August 10, 2014 (Credit: Reuters/Murad Sezer) Recep Tayyip Erdogan (pronounced "Erd-wan") is the most important politician you've probably never thought about.  You may have heard that he won a landslide victory in Turkey's recent presidential election, after serving three terms as prime minister.  Erdogan is now Turkey's most powerful leader since Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, who founded the Republic of Turkey in 1922.

Why does his victory matter to you?

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Is Israel losing a war it's winning?

An Israeli soldier carries a weapon near the border with the Gaza Strip July 27, 2014 (Credit: Reuters/Ronen Zvulun) Jeffrey Goldberg notes in The Atlantic: "It seems as if Israel is losing the war in Gaza, even as it wins the battle against Hamas's rocket arsenal, and even as it destroys the tunnels meant to convey terrorists underground to Israel (and to carry Israeli hostages back to Gaza)."  He suggests six reasons why this is so.  I'd like to review his points and add my own thoughts.

One: "In a fight between a state actor and a non-state actor, the non-state actor can win merely by surviving."  So long as Hamas survives this war with Israel, it will be perceived as winning in the eyes of its supporters.  Goldberg is right: as Henry Kissinger noted, "The conventional army loses if it does not win.  The guerrilla wins if he does not lose."  U.S. forces faced the same reality in Vietnam that Israeli forces face in Gaza—what it takes to win the war exceeds what they are prepared to do.  So long as Hamas survives as a result, it "wins."

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God's plan for Muslims includes you

A Muslim shopkeeper from somewhere in the Middle East sitting on a chair in his clock shop (Credit: Trey Hill for East-West Ministries via Flickr)Idris thought about that dream every day. Every single day. It kept him from fully committing to Islam any longer even though it was the only faith he had known for his entire life. The dream is what drove him to seek answers, and it's what drove his devout Muslim family away.

Fifteen years ago, Idris dreamed of Jesus, and for those fifteen years, no one in his Middle Eastern country could tell him much about the Jesus he saw in his dream. So he waited for the answer because he knew it would change his life.

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Radical Islam: What You Need to Know

Radical Islam: What You Need to Know by Dr. Jim Denison

Why do radical Muslims hate us? How will the death of bin Laden affect this global conflict? What will it take to win the longest war in America’s history?

Jim Denison explains the mind and motives of radical Islam, telling you what you need to know about the greatest threat our nation has ever faced.

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