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Julia Roberts gives George Clooney marriage advice

George Clooney and Julia Roberts pose for photos after Clooney won the prestigious Stanley Kubrick Britannia Award for Excellence in Film at the BAFTA Los Angeles Jaguar Britannia Awards, which was presented to him by his good friend Julia Roberts at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California November 9, 2013 (Credit: BAFTA/Christopher Polk) Julia Roberts and George Clooney have been good friends since they filmed Ocean's Eleven 13 years ago. When asked what advice she would give Clooney now that he is married, the married mother of three replied: "Well, the only advice for that is finding your person—and he's found his person."

Roberts may be giving Clooney advice, but most Americans aren't praying for him to take it. A recent study shows that 82 percent of Americans who pray do so for family or friends; 74 percent pray about their own problems; 13 percent pray for sports teams. Only five percent of us pray for celebrities. While Scripture tells us to pray for our leaders (1 Timothy 2:1-2), only 12 percent of us pray for government leaders.

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Pastors face jail time, fines for refusing gay weddings

Idaho ministers Donald and Evelyn Knapp, who say they have been threatened with jail time for refusing to conduct same-sex marriages, pose for a photo before their chapel, the Hitching Post Lakeside Chapel (Credit: Alliance Defending Freedom) Now that same-sex marriage is legal in more states than ever, will pastors be forced to perform gay weddings? Supporters of "marriage equality" have assured us that will not happen. But now it has.

Donald and Evelyn Knapp are ordained Christian pastors who operate a wedding chapel in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. City officials say their non-discrimination ordinance requires the Knapps to perform same-sex wedding ceremonies. If they decline, they face up to 180 days in jail and up to $1,000 in fines for each day they refuse. In other words, if they refuse a same-sex wedding ceremony for a week, they could go to jail for over three years and face $7,000 in fines.

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Ebola and the antidote to fear

Protestor Jeff Hulbert of Annapolis, Maryland holds a sign reading 'Stop the Flights' as he demonstrates in favor of a travel ban to stop the spread of the Ebola virus, in front of the White House in Washington October 16, 2014 (Jim Bourg/Reuters) Louise Troh does not have Ebola.  The fiancée of Thomas Eric Duncan was quarantined for 21 days after he became sick, but that period has now passed.  Nonetheless, she is struggling to find housing.  The apartment where she had paid a deposit has now been denied to her.  Employees at Texas Health Presbyterian, where Duncan was treated, have been refused access to restaurants in our area.  Parents have kept children home from school lest they come in contact with children of those who have dealt with Duncan's family.

Dallas-Ft. Worth is my home and the nation's fourth-largest metropolitan area with 6.5 million residents.  We have seen three Ebola cases so far.  And yet the nation views us as "Ground Zero" for Ebola in America.  Some players on the New York Giants were concerned about coming to Dallas for last Sunday's game with the Cowboys.  One said, "I think guys might think twice if they were planning to bring their wives or their families."  Their owner was more pragmatic: "the Cowboys are going to get it first, so it's to our advantage."

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Are you tired of negative political ads?

Democratic challenger, former Republican Governor Charlie Crist (L) and Florida Republican Governor Rick Scott (R), shake hands after participating in their second debate in Davie, FL, October 15, 2014 (Credit: Reuters/Wilfredo Lee)If you live in one of the 11 states where a Senate race is closely contested, you may be thinking of leaving home until after the November election.  One study found that voters are seeing an attack on a candidate in 3 of every 4 Senate ads.  For example:

A Republican candidate claimed that his opponent "funded organizations linked to terrorists."  The organization, Points of Light Foundation, was founded by George H. W. Bush and has given nothing to groups the U.S. government considers to be terrorists.  A Democratic candidate accused his opponent of complicity in an attack that murdered a couple and raped their daughter.  The victims' family was so offended by the ad's distortions that they demanded it be removed from the air.

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100,000 atheists are 'unbaptized'

Navy chaplain aboard the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) baptizes an while on patrol in the US 7th Fleet area of responsibility, Arabian Sea, May 8, 2011 (Credit: US Navy/Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class James R. Evans via Flickr) The National Secular Society offers certificates to atheists who want to revoke their baptism.  It estimates that 100,000 people have downloaded such documents from their website over the past five years. offers a similar service.  Their certificate reads: "[Name] having at one time willingly submitted to the Rite of Christian Baptism and subsequently having realized my beliefs were in error, hereby publicly revoke any and all implications of that Rite and renounce the Church that carried it out.  In the name of human reason, I reject all that Church's Creeds and all other such Superstitions.  I wish to be excluded henceforth from claims of church membership numbers based on past baptismal statistics."

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