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What is 'biblical marriage'? a reply to Steve Blow

Bride putting ring on groom - Kingston Plantation - North Myrtle Beach (Credit: Ryan G. Smith via Flickr) Steve Blow is one of Dallas's favorite columnists, a fellow Christian, and a friend of many years.  He and I don't always agree, which is not surprising.  As the saying goes, "If two people always agree, one of them isn't necessary."

However, my disagreements with his latest column go beyond personal opinion.  Because he is a Christian with a large following, his June 27 Dallas Morning News article endorsing same-sex marriage has the potential to confuse many fellow Christians.  Thus my response, which will seek to clarify the theological facts in question.

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The similarities of Bristol Palin and Caitlyn Jenner

Bristol Palin with younger brother on her back (Credit: Bristol Palin via Instagram) When Plato spoke of courage, he asserted it was "knowing what not to fear." Understanding the world to consist of challenges that induce fear and reminders that produce hope, Plato believed it to be necessary to have the wise endurance to see fear for what it is and cherish hope for what it does. John F. Kennedy, former president and author of Profiles in Courage, utilized Ernest Hemingway's definition of courage in his book, iterating that it is  "grace under pressure." Kennedy believed courage to be essential in order to overcome the obstacles of life and live for something greater than one's self.

Enter Bristol Palin and Caitlyn Jenner.

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Black market emerges in school cafeteria

Chocolate muffin for school lunch (Credit: via Fotolia) Joining the ranks of Sean Parker and the Dukes of Hazzard are some students in the Blackford County School district of Hartford City, Indiana. Sean Parker saw a demand for digital music, so he created a black market of sorts that went by the name of Napster. This allowed individuals to download music for free, to the chagrin of artists. The Dukes of Hazzard knew there was a demand for moonshine, so with the help of the General Lee, they satisfied the thirsty palettes of their customers though it was against the law. And now students in Blackford County Schools are not selling moonshine or digital music but salt, pepper, and sugar.

Testifying before the Congressional Subcommittee on Early Childhood, Elementary and Secondary Education, John S. Payne shared about the unintended consequences of Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act. Among other things, the nutritional standards are so stringent that it has made the food tasteless. If there was a proportionality principle at play, the healthier it gets, the more tasteless it becomes. Thus, the emergence of a black market of salt, pepper, and sugar.

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