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Ted Cruz: courageous conservative candidate

Ted Cruz, senator from Texas, waves to an audience, in a screen grab from his first presidential campaign message entitled, 'A Time for Truth' (Credit: Ted Cruz via Youtube)NOTE: The Denison Forum on Truth and Culture does not endorse any political candidate.

True to his brash character, Ted Cruz bucked normalcy and announced that he is running for president of the United States. Forgoing the formation of an exploratory committee, Cruz spoke to students at Liberty University Monday morning about reigniting the promise of America.  He called on courageous conservatives to channel what Patrick Henry said 240 years ago that day, "give me liberty or give me death!"

Not going quietly into the proverbial night, Cruz is the first to announce his candidacy for president. With the official light solely on the junior senator from Texas, this is a place of familiarity for Cruz. Over the past three years, the 44-year-old Harvard educated lawyer has garnered a reputation in the Senate of being against much more than he is for.

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Questions and truth: San Francisco's City Church

A rainbow banner, proclaiming all are welcome, hanging over the main entrance of the Church of the Pilgrims located at 2201 P Street, N.W., in the Dupont Circle neighborhood of Washington, D.C, used to send a message that homosexuals are welcome in the church, August 22, 2007 (Credit: Drama Queen via Flickr)Speaking "on behalf of the elder board and for the gospel," Pastor Fred Harrell of City Church San Francisco announced this past week that it will end its practice of discriminating based on sexual orientation as a precondition for joining the church. Coupled with that, the church will no longer demand lifelong celibacy as a condition for joining either.

In his open letter, Harrell invited his congregation into a conversation and healthy discussion surrounding the church's stance towards LGBT people. Although in this particular conversation, a decision has already been reached. As a result of this announcement, two elders from the board resigned.

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Racism at OU: ignorance is not bliss

Near Evans Hall Looking out over Parrington Oval, the larger-than-life bronze statue of George Lynn Cross, created by sculptor Paul Moore, stands in front of Evans Hall where he officed as OU's seventh president for nearly 25 years (Credit: Billy Adams via Flickr)Nineteenth Century German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said, "There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action." Once limited to close proximity, now with prevalence of YouTube and the ever-present iPhone, ignorance in action is available to audiences around the world, at any time, with the click of mouse or the touch of a screen. On Sunday, such frightful video surfaced that showed members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon gleefully singing anti-black slurs with references to lynching.  

Boastfully declaring that African Americans will never be allowed to join their chapter, the boys of Sigma Alpha Epsilon declared with one voice a song that sounded like it wasn't the first time it had been sung. The video depicts this degrading chanting, as well as one boy dancing along in the aisles as a seated young woman claps nearby.

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