A special message from Jim Denison

In the video below, Jim Denison encourages and inspires you to discern the news differently and become a culture-changing Christian.

Take a minute to watch his short message now. A transcript is also available below.

Hello, I’m Jim Denison. 

I write The Daily Article, and I want to thank you for choosing to be one of our subscribers. Each morning, when I get up to write that day’s article, I’m grateful for those who read what I write. 

When I began this in the year 2000, I sensed God leading me to speak his truth to our culture and to the issues that we face each day. It’s such an honor to do this with you, and we want to thank you as a ministry for being part of what we do. 

I want to invite you to our website, DenisonForum.org, where you can read what I write and other resources we have available. There you can follow us on Facebook. You can also follow me on Twitter @JimDenison

I wanted to say a word about who I am and why this matters so much to me and I’m so grateful that you’re part of this. I was a pastor for twenty-five years. I’ve taught at four seminaries. And my interest through all of that has been engaging intellectual and cultural issues. 

I grew up in a family that didn’t go to church. I had enormous questions about God: Does he exist? Does he matter? Why is the Christian faith relevant? 

I was invited at the age of fifteen to start visiting a church, and, while there, I had these issues and questions. I actually encountered C. S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity. It really changed my life. It caused me to realize that there really is an intellectual focus and a foundation to the Christian life.

From then till now, it’s been my joy to talk with people about the issues we face and the questions that we ask, hoping to offer biblical truth about the cultural trajectory in ways that can help us to influence our culture more effectively. 

So please know that I’m so grateful to you for being one of our subscribers. Every day, I pray for you and our other readers. So glad that you’re part of what we’re doing. 

God bless you.

—Dr. Jim Denison