Coronavirus Resources

Since the coronavirus pandemic began significantly altering life around the globe in early 2020, Dr. Denison has written extensively about the issue. This page compiles his COVID-19 resources, listed with the newest content first.

Life after the Pandemic: What May Happen and How to Prepare Biblically

Read this paper for answers to these questions:

  • What will life be like when the pandemic recedes?
  • Will we return to “normal”?
  • What will “normal” look like?
  • What is the pathway forward?
  • And what does God’s word say to us in days of uncertainty unlike any in living memory?

Download the paper (PDF) here.

Biblical Insight to Tough Questions: Coronavirus Special Edition

This complimentary e-book answers these questions:

  • How could God allow the coronavirus pandemic?
  • How does this pandemic lay bare our humanity?
  • What have we learned about the world as it responds to the pandemic?
  • Should I fear death?
  • How can I face my fears with faith?
  • How can I face the future with hope?
  • How can I partner with God to redeem this crisis?

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Where is God when pandemics strike? A biblical and practical response

The coronavirus epidemic is affecting our world on medical, financial, and political levels. As a result, it also presents a unique opportunity for Christians to demonstrate biblical faith, courage, and compassion.

This paper, available in exchange for your email address, discusses this issue from a theological perspective, applying principles from our book, Making Sense of Suffering.

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When you fear: 7 days to faithful living in the age of coronavirus

When You Fear: 7 Days To Faithful Living In The Age Of Coronavirus

Are you worried? Anxious? Afraid?

In light of the far-reaching ramifications of the coronavirus pandemic, that’s understandable.

But God has reassurances for all our fears. Maybe that’s why he told us time and time again: “Fear not.”

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Daily Articles and Special Edition Daily Articles covering the coronavirus pandemic and its spiritual consequences

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