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Very recently, I wrote Biblical Insight to Tough Questions: Coronavirus Special Edition to answer seven challenging questions about this pandemic. 

I wrote it just last week to answer seven questions about this pandemic and what our biblical response as Christians should be. The questions include:

  • How could God allow the coronavirus pandemic?
  • How can I face the future with hope?
  • How can I partner with God to redeem this crisis?

You may download the Coronavirus Special Edition for free here.

Your second gift

Months ago, I wrote Biblical Insight to Tough Questions: Vol. 5, and it was scheduled to release today—long before any of us knew how the pandemic would upend our world. Since I know so many may be experiencing financial hardship or uncertainty, we wanted to make an ebook version of that available to you as well. 

In Biblical Insights to Tough Questions: Vol. 5, I cover questions like: 

  • How can I know God is speaking to me?
  • What is heaven like?
  • Can you be a Christian apart from the church?

You may download Vol. 5 for free here.

Biblical Insights to Tough Questions, Vol. 5 in Print!

However, we are also releasing Vol. 5 in print, which you may request here in return for a donation amount of your choosing.

As I’ve written elsewhere, “The more we are socially distanced from others, the more we have time to draw closer to our Lord.” 

I pray that these new resources help you do just that.