2017 Impact Report

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement. Here are a few notable results that your partnership with Denison Forum made happen in 2017:

  • The Daily Article
    reached more than 118,000 subscribers. It was opened 7,818,603 times! Almost 92,000 followers accessed it on social media platforms.
  • More than 544,000 unique visitors viewed our website at denisonforum.org.
  • Over 2,000 pastors received our newest weekly publication, Cultural Preaching.
  • To aid pastors and Bible teachers, the Jim Denison Resource Library was launched, making hundreds of sermons, Bible studies and white papers available at no cost. Watch for its “grand opening” around Easter 2018.
  • Other Denison Ministries brands, First15 and Christian Parenting, continued to impact thousands of followers and subscribers.

We give God the glory for all he has accomplished, knowing that none of this is possible without you, our readers and donors. In addition to the $300,000+ you generously gave for hurricane relief in September, you faithfully provided another $2.57 million to Denison Forum that made “speaking biblical truth into cultural issues” a reality. Your support is a constant source of encouragement. We thank God for your faithfulness through 2017.

But, the most important impact is found in the feedback readers and donors like you send:

Samuel S: Brotherly greetings in the name of our Lord… I would like to express to you how grateful we are for the words of grace you have written; you displayed how Christian love and unity should be. You answer very difficult questions in a simple, but profound way. May the Lord bless you and your wonderful ministry richly. In Jesus name, Amen.


Jon K: Thanks for what you do every day, the reading, the research, the wording, and the writing. You bless my life. Just wanted you to know there is ONE MAN out there who today was “marked” by your life and the hours you put in yesterday! I know the cost. 


Gary D: I become more proud and appreciative of Jim with every passing day! Praise God for his undaunted courage, his uncompromising allegiance to truth and right, his uncommon common-sense, his unmistakable grace, and his uncanny ability to articulate truth in ways easily understood!


Diane F: Thank you for the detailed account of the Israeli land situation and the specific interest from all nations. Your daily accounts always bring clarity and Biblical perspective for the current events facing us. I rarely watch the news and can count on your narrative with your much needed Godly wisdom and perspective. Thanks for your work, your wisdom and insight from The Truth. Blessings to your entire family for their work alongside you as well.


Nancy M: A very inspiring article today. I’ve been receiving your daily letter for a brief while and enjoy it. Today’s writing compels me to dig deeper into Christ. I’ve tried to understand GLORY in all its meanings and applications. This letter today brings a challenge to me to sharpen my walk and plan to further know God and bring Him glory. 


A practicing district attorney: Every single day, I see the “worst of the worst.” Just last week I tried and convicted a child abuser who had at least four young female victims that we know about. Each and every one of those victims came from their own broken home. The defendant was convicted by a jury and sentenced to life in prison (and a 20-year sentence on top of that).

All that to say, I can start to become cynical about the world in general and sometimes even my job. One begins to feel like this world is so incredibly broken that any effort to push back is, in the grand scheme, negligible. However, even as I write that, I don’t believe it. I know truth. I know the beauty of portraying truth even on a small scale.

Because I do live in this world every day, your specific word this morning about “a brick in one hand and a sword in the other” meant so much. I have been receiving your daily emails for quite a while now and they have uplifted and challenged me. Today’s, though, was especially poignant.

It reminds me again that my job this day is to go “do what I can.” 

To God be the glory! As our Lord does a “new thing” in 2018, let’s join him in changing our culture for his Kingdom.

Yours in Christ,