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The Inca Trail: closer to Heaven

A llama looks on with curiosity as Brittany and Leigh look up the Inca Trail (Credit: Brittany Kulick)When I left Dallas, TX for Peru, I brought with me a brand new backpack, hiking boots with less than a mile on them and expectations for a great adventure. I also brought along some great advice, "Make the time to see what the Lord wants to tell you on this trip."
The Inca Trail had been described to me as both beautiful and as an "endless Stairmaster" with the warning that Day 2 was "the worst."  Unlike many other cases where "the worst" usually isn't so bad, my friends didn't exaggerate.

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My friend didn't invite me to church

An old black and white photo of First Baptist Church Houston, downtown on Lamar Street, taken in the 1970s (Credit: Houston First Baptist Church via Houston Chronicle)I was raised in Houston, TX by parents who were not Christians. Throughout my childhood, Mom, Dad and I would leave on Friday afternoon for our lake cabin, near Bay City, Texas to hunt and fish nearly every waking moment, returning home late on Sunday evening.

As a near 17-year-old, playing football at my high school in Houston, Texas, my best friend and fellow athlete, Henry, was a Christian. He was concerned for me; although he never pushed, he showed deep compassion toward me.

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Sins in a bottle

A water bottle wedged into my favorite bench at the top of my favorite hiking trail at Possum Kingdom Lake (Credit: Jim Denison)At the top of my favorite hiking trail, I recently found a plastic water bottle wedged between the slats of my favorite bench.  Whoever put it there went to considerable trouble.  They drank the bottle dry, replaced the cap, they crushed it so it was thin enough to fit between the wooden boards.  Then they shoved it back and forth until it was stuck halfway down the bottle's length, and left it.

It weighed less empty than it did when they carried it up the trail.  They expended far more energy wedging it into the slats of the bench than if they had carried it back down.  So I was left to wonder why a person would do such a thing.

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