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How to survive a free-falling elevator

A screen grab from Business Insider video entitled 'How to make it out of a free-falling elevator alive' illustrating the proper technique to survive a free fall in an elevator (Credit: Business Insider) Our ministry is located on the 10th floor of an office building in north Dallas.  I ride an elevator to and from our office at least twice daily and often more.  This equates to some 500 elevator rides a year.  Every now and then, the car I'm riding will shudder slightly, leaving me to wonder: what would I do if the cable broke?

If you ride an elevator often, you've probably wondered the same thing.  If so, you may be interested in a video going around the Internet, "How to make it out of a free-falling elevator alive." According to the video, there are nearly a million elevators in the U.S., each serving 20,000 people a year.  Elevators kill 27 of them every year on average.  Does this fact trouble you?

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Behind the prison walls

Bill Glass BEHIND THE WALLS' ministry workers sharing the gospel with prisoners at Platform Speakers event (Credit: Behind the Walls via Facebook)Not long ago, while at Wingmen, a men's ministry started by former Dallas Cowboy Chad Hennings, one of the men stood up and invited everyone to join him at Bill Glass' 'Weekend of Champions,' a ministry in which people share the Gospel with men and women behind prison walls. He passed out postcard size cards with all the particulars about the event.

I took one, thinking that I really should go. I have "fallen into" some prison ministry due to a friend being incarcerated a few years ago. As if that weren't enough, several ministries with which I work are involved with prisoners as well. For some reason, my path keeps crossing with prison ministry. From that standpoint, it seemed to "make sense" that I go, but I have never really shared the Gospel as they would be doing. Instead, I liked to follow St. Francis' direction; "Preach the Gospel always, and when necessary, use words." That seemed to be a convenient way to avoid direct confrontation.

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Why my acrophobia is a good thing

Two telecommunications workers stand in lift basket, elevated by hydraulic crane, as they perform maintenance to an antenna on a cell phone tower (Credit: fotografiche via iStockphoto)Yesterday I was driving up the Dallas North Tollway when I passed a man on a crane working on a cell phone tower.  He must have been 100 feet in the air, standing in a small basket on the end of a telescoping metal arm.  As I drove by, I thanked God that he had not called me to that job.

Since I can remember, I have always hated heights.  My problem is called "acrophobia."  It causes me to choose aisle seats on airplanes and read the entire time while pretending to be on the ground.  It makes me uncomfortable when riding in a glass elevator or eating in a skyscraper's restaurant.  It's not disabling—I still get on the airplane and finish my lunch—but it's definitely real.

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