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My neighbor's Christmas decorations are still up

Christmas lights and decorations at fully decked out house in Mechanicsville, Virginia, December 23, 2008 (Credit: Taber Andrew Bain via Flickr)Earlier this week, I was walking in our neighborhood and came upon a neighbor's home with Christmas decorations blazing in the predawn darkness.  They were not an inconsequential arrangement of festivity.  On one side of the lawn, I found Santa and his elves hard at work, outlined by multicolored bulbs; on the other side, Rudolf and his reindeer were landing for a visit.  It was January 12, 19 days after Christmas, and I wondered why my neighbor's lights were still up for all to see.

Contemplating the options, it seemed to me that two broad categories were possible.  One: they paid to have the lights installed.  We will call this Category A.  Two: they set the lights out themselves.  We will call this Category B.

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Nick Jonas still gets jealous

In his new song Jealous he sings about finding it hard to see other men checking out his girlfriend. (Credit: Nick Jonas via Youtube) Much like the Big XII conference, things are not good for Nick Jonas. With a hypnotic beat and a brief solo from Alvin and the Chipmunks, Jonas explains for 3 minutes why he is in a bad place called jealousy. But if memory serves us correctly, Jonas is not a stranger to hard times.

Who could forget Nick's masterful performance in Disney's Camp Rock? And if you just so happened to forget the first one, no need to worry because they made a second one. Cleverly titled Camp Rock 2, Jonas perseveres through great difficulty in order to help Mitchie defend her Camp Jam title.

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Is Jesus all about that bass?

Meghan Trainor dancing in her music video All About That Bass (Credit: Meghan Trainor via Youtube)Meghan Trainor is all about that bass. Like a bear to honey or a shopper to Walmart on Black Friday, she is "all about that bass, bout that bass." But what is bass? To Beyoncé, bass is a beat that she sneezes on and the beat gets sicker (Partitions). To actor Paul Rudd, bass is a stringed instrument that is slapped so that you can produce a sound that makes faces melt and rocks socks off (I Love You, Man). To a few, bass is a type of large mouthed fish to catch in order that you can take a picture with it while you kiss the dead thing on the lips. But to Meghan Trainor, bass is that "boom boom that makes all the boys chase."

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