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Chick-fil-A CEO regrets gay marriage controversy

Dan Cathy enjoying Food Truck Wednesdays at The Stove Works in Atlanta (Credit: Dan Cathy via Twitter) Dan Cathy stirred great controversy two years ago with his comments in support of biblical marriage.  In an interview this week, he clearly stands by his beliefs on the issue.  However, he regrets making Chick-fil-A, the company he leads, a symbol in the marriage debate.

Cathy: "The bottom line is we have a responsibility here to keep the whole of the organization in mind and it has to take precedence over the personal expression and opinion on social issues."  Asked about a related legislative issue, he responded, "I think that's a political debate that's going to rage on.  And the wiser thing for us to do is to stay focused on customer service."

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Mark Driscoll writes 'open letter of apology'

Mark Driscoll, preaching pastor of Mars Hill Church, poses for a photo in front of a wooden wall at the church  (Credit: Mark Driscoll via Facebook)Mark Driscoll is one of America's best-known pastors.  Author of several best-selling books, he is co-founder of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Washington and led a global church-planting movement called the Acts 29 Network.  Driscoll has also been in the news for less positive reasons.  He has long been known for his blunt preaching and forceful personality.  In addition, a marketing firm engaged by his church generated sales for one of his books in a way that critics view as manipulative.

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Woman waits 5 decades for word on missing plane

Jeraldine Rubin knows all too well what it's like to hold on to hope in the search for a missing loved one. Over 50 years ago, her younger brother went missing when the plane he was flying in disappeared (Credit: USATODAY) As the world focuses on the missing Malaysia Airlines plane, Jeraldine Rubin knows the angst felt by family members of the 239 passengers and crew onboard.  In 1957, a plane carrying her brother, airman John E. Bryant, disappeared while flying from California to Japan.  It's never been found.  When she heard about MH370, "all these bells started ringing again.  It just took me back."

How has the retired school teacher handled the pain of not knowing her brother's fate?  "Constantly hope, hope, hope, hope.  That was what really kept everything together," she says.  What would she suggest to families of the missing MH370 passengers?  "We should continue to hope and expect things to work out as the Lord intended them to be."

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Parents of murdered teenager forgive his killers

Family of slain Wylie teen offers forgiveness to suspects families (Credit: WFAA ABC News)Ivan Mejia was a senior at Wylie East High School in the Dallas area.  He planned to enlist in the Marines after graduating later this year.  According to police, he and another boy were in a relationship with the same girl.  The other teenager and a friend choked Ivan, pinched his nose, and stuffed a sock in his mouth until he suffocated.  They were burying his body in a nearby creek when police caught them.  The two teenagers remain in custody at a local juvenile detention center.

Ivan's parents are as devastated as you might imagine.  But their family spokesman has told reporters, "They hold no grudge, they are actually offering forgiveness."  They say their faith is giving them peace, as they know their son is with God.

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Waiters tell their stories on 'Sundays are the worst' website

Sundays are the worst campaign: Everyone who is a server knows that Sundays are the worst compared to the other days of the week (Credit: Preaching Christ Church via Facebook) After hearing numerous stories about churchgoers who are rude to waiters at Sunday lunch, the pastor of Preaching Christ Church in Kingsport, Tennessee set up a website called "Sundays Are The Worst."  Here those who work in service industries can anonymously tell their stories of abuse at the hands of Christians.

Some of them are truly shameful.  A Christian who had to wait tables on Sundays to pay her college tuition notes "a certain attitude I often encountered that if I was working on a Sunday I must obviously be a godless heathen unworthy of even common courtesy."  A white water rafting guide complains about customers who tip him with a pamphlet about salvation that looks like a $20 bill.  "This will not pay my rent," he wants to tell them.

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